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Brand: Original 16 (Great Western Brewery)

Campaign: brand awareness

My role: Senior Creative Copywriter

Great Western is Saskatchewan's brewery. They've been brewing award-winning beers for over 25 years. Phoenix Group worked with Great Western to tell their brand story, through their most popular product, Original 16—and what a story.

Our challenge was to tell the important parts of Great Western's extraordinary history, in a clear and thought-provoking manner. Through online banners, billboards, radio and in-store POS, we were able to communicate the Original 16  story across Alberta and Saskatchewan. This work involved extensive interviews with some of the original founders of the brewery and putting their passion for great beer into my writing.

Original 16 founders

The brewery founders 

O16_billboard mockup1.jpg
'History' radio spotOriginal 16
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​Copywriter: Charlotte Gibling, designers: Gillian Meyer & Scott Hysuick, creative director: David Bellerive.

This work was completed at Phoenix Group Advertising.

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